Redefining Enterprise Security in an Era of Digital Transformation

Redefining Enterprise Security in an Era of Digital Transformation
In the digital world, effective information security is now a key business success factor. As attackers find new ways to attack digital assets, the ability of the organization to maintain continuity, and the security of the information circulating in it, may be called into question. New attack methods and threat vectors require fundamentally new approaches to corporate protection.

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As part of the World Cyber Security Congress in London on March 27, Kaspersky Lab will be conducting a seminar exploring ways to solve the problem of protection in the digital world, where the risks are so high, and where the only sure defense lies a comprehensive security approach.

Join us there to:

• Find out about the threats organizations like yours are currently facing
• Learn how to build reliable protection in the era of digital transformation
• See how leading-edge global corporation has built its security on proven technologies
• Put your questions to our experts

During the seminar, our Principal Security Researcher in the Global Research and Analysis Team David Emm will talk about contemporary threats in ‘The Top Cyber-threats Facing Your Digital Business’.

Next, in ‘Cybersecurity as Part of Your Digital Transformation Strategy’, Adam Maskatiya, General Manager, Kaspersky Lab UK & Ireland will outline how to build a cybersecurity system able to respond to highly complex threats.

The seminar will end in conversation – CTO one of our customer talks about their success story in fighting today’s cyberthreats.

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