What to do on the off chance that you can’t help suspecting that Kaspersky Anti-Virus is “backing off”?

There are circumstances when utilizing Kaspersky Anti-Virus in a framework after its infection disease or after a recently introduced different antivirus, “stops” and “slacks” are felt.

What to do for this situation?

0) Remove the product that is incongruent with Kaspersky Anti-Virus from the framework

1) Check that the most recent adaptation of the antivirus is being utilized.

2) If the rendition isn’t current – update it. In the event that you erase the old form, leave the permit data!

3) Configure antivirus for better execution.

Open the download kaspersky with product key

In the Settings window, go to the Performance segment and play out the accompanying activities:

Check the Do not run planned output assignments when running on battery box.

Check the container Use game profile. The game profile mode streamlines the settings all things considered while the game projects are running in full-screen mode (for instance, notices windows that occupy from the game won’t spring up).

Check the accompanying boxes:

Yield assets of the working framework when the PC begins.

Yield assets to different projects. With a high load on the CPU and plate subsystems, check will be postponed.

Play out a sweep when the PC is inert.

Uncheck the case Scan for projects intended to shroud hints of a malevolent program in the framework (rootkits).

4) Turn on discovery of possibly undesirable programming (settings – expansion – parameters of dangers and prohibitions – distinguish different projects).

5) Run the database update and reboot the PC upon its fulfillment.

6) Run a full infection filter.

7) After it completes, restart the PC and check the issue.

8) If the issue continues, append a connect to the GetSystemInfo utility report in the remarks to this section.

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